PANTHEON An icon of classical design uniting the temple front with a monumental dome, uniting architecture with philosophy.VILLA GIULIA by VIGNOLA A Renaissance urban palace becomes a theatrical villa with an amazing series of geometric spaces and antique motifs that is a precursor to Baroque architecture. Il RENDENTONE by PALLADIO Integrates the great aspects of Roman geometry, Byzantine domes,Gothic side aisles and Renaissance order in one building.MONTICELLO The architectural embodiment of Thomas Jefferson’s aesthetic and philosophical life, from antique Rome to Federal America.Any house by DAVID ADLER and CHARLES PLATT, both were masters of finely detailed and exquisitely proportioned American country houses.



PANTHEON A fountainhead of classical architecture. The space, especially the Oculus, is incredible, even today. It’s the essence of classical Italian detailing. COLOSSEUM A great imaginative public arena with such a dramatic presence and such a dramatic presentation to its users. The digital recreation of the shading device was also fascinating. ST. PETERS BASILICA The most colossal building imaginable, but somehow comprehensible in its use and intention. The greatest building of the Italian renaissance. PALLADIAN VILLAS ALONG THE BRENTA CANAL Grand country houses built as weekend or holiday retreats for doges and wealthy Venetians. FRENCH GOTHIC CATHEDRALS The grandeur of space of Amiens, Chartres, Rheims and culminating in Beauvais, which was never completed, are still awesome in what they achieve spatially and emotionally. FRENCH RENAISSANCE CHATEAUX Château de Blois, the extraordinarily picturesque Chambord, Azay-le-Rideau, as well as many less robust examples through the Loire Valley. GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM, BILBAO Frank Gehry's modern masterpiece—the only modern building that, in my opinion, can clearly compete with the majesty of the French Gothic cathedrals.